Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books logo from another programWhile working on a logic models assignment I came across a great program outline at Burlington Public Library.

Battle of the Books is a trivia  competition  for kids, where the librarian or volunteer asks questions about literature or authors. Children compete in teams of six and there is a trophy for the winning team. In the program I read about several schools in three cities compete.

This is a fun way to promote reading, team spirit and allow bookworms to develop the competitive edge that their extrovert classmates may have in other programs like sports.


Happy Family Literacy Day!

To find an event near you visit ABC Canada‘s event calendar.

a photo of a family reading togetherI hope that you all will read with your families today, and be reminded of how great it is to do on a regular basis. I love being read to and discussing books, I don’t think you ever get to old for that.