It’s a Book

It's a bookI love technology, I have every intention of getting an e-book reader, I play gameboy on long bus trips, I have an iPod,PS2, Wii, and I spend way too much time on the computer. That said, I have an old-school love for books. I love the way they look, the way they feel, and there are certain books that I will always prefer to have in print. With everyone in a panick about how the print book will do with the growing popularity of e-books I want to say that Lane Smith is brilliant to write It’s a Book

This picture book is amazing! I’ve laughed each time I’ve read it and I bought it after reading it at the library. There is a video version of the book that cuts out the conterversial swear at the end, although because he is referring to a donkey kids may not understand the reference.