Margaret the Medusa

*I received Margaret the Medusa for free from Untreed Reads

I think Margaret should have been identified as a Gorgon. Sure she can be compared to the most famous gorgon Medusa, but to refer to the species as Medusas is problematic for me. I’m a stickler with mythological references.

I liked that the superficial changes Margaret attempted didn’t sway the children, but I hoped that she would earn friendship with kindness or something more substantial.

The way she does make a friend is adorable, but I think the others (or at least one of them) should see she is capable of being friendly and be swayed. I like the use of the gargoyle but that reinforces the need to use the term “gorgon”. Gorgon and gargoyle make for some good alliteration.

My favourite part of this book was the art, well done!