Sugar Plum Ballerinas

cover art of perfectly primaI wasn’t sure what to expect in a novel by Whoopi Goldberg about a girl who is a triplet and wants to be a ballerina. I am often skeptical of celebrity authors but it was written. An obsessively clean girl who wants to be the perfect dancer isn’t a great match for me, since I’m a slob and I have no coordination.

I was pleasantly surprised with Perfectly Prima, I actually really enjoyed the narrator. She was delightfully neurotic, juvenile (in a good way! I dislike when kids aren’t kids in books) and a good role model, a lot to fit into one character.

My favourite character in the book is her brother. He steps outside traditional roles and uses unusual teaching methods. His use of basketball to demonstrate how to be successful in multiple areas of her life is admirable. His annoying bad habits made him more than just a tool for the plot, and more like an authentic, believable young boy.