Time saver and teaching tool

a photo of rulersMy friend Sarah came to visit this weekend and she told me about a technique they use in the school library she supply teaches at in North Bay. All of the young children have a colourful ruler with their name on it in the library, they have a box of rulers for each grade. When they take a book off the shelf they put their ruler in its place. This way it is easier for them to return the book to the shelf themselves and in the right order. She thought it was a good idea for getting young kids familiar with the library.

I am sure there are still a lot of misplaced books but it reduces mess and makes the children feel they have a place in the library.


Fun Bookshelves

I think childrens areas in libraries should have some delightfully silly shelving!

a photo of an elephant bookshelf

dwellstudio elephant in lemon bookshelf

a photo of a bus shaped bookshelf

dwellstudio elephant bus in orange bookshelf

a photo of a doll house shaped bookshelf

Doll house bookcase from Pottery Barn

Library Designs We Should Aspire To

Making a library space colourful and welcoming to children as well as their families can make a big difference. Here are some examples of libraries I think are on the right track:
a photo of book shaped furniture

Saint John Free Public Library

a photo of book shaped doorways

Cerritos Millenium Library