Have fun with vocab!

I’m a word nerd, and my boyfriend takes this to a whole new level, so part of my gift to him today was the board game Syl-la-bles by Cadaco. This isn’t really what I expected, but  it’s still an awesome game for a variety of audiences.

How It Works

The board is basically the alphabet with a few “spelling bee” and “thesaurus” squares. When you land on a letter you need to make a word that starts with that letter. You get points based on the letters you use and how many syllables are in the word. If you make a spelling mistake you get 0 points for that turn, which sometimes discourages you from going for the big ones. If you land on spelling bee you need to spell a specific word instead of choosing your own and if you land on thesaurus you need to come up with a synonym for the word provided.

How this applies to the classroom or library

Ages 8-12:

  • This is a way to make using vocabulary words from class more fun
  • Learn what a syllable is
  • practice spelling
  • learn what a synonym is and practice finding them
  • reinforces knowledge of the alphabet
  • practice addition, adding up your points
  • the game is so flexible that you can start off playing with words like “cat” and “boot” so everyone can be included, even if they don’t have a fabulous vocabulary yet.
  • it’s open-ended, so kids aren’t put on the spot to know a specific answer like in many games, and they can be proud of what they do know

Ages 12-18

  • Use more challenging vocabulary words
  • there is a more difficult option on each spelling bee and thesaurus question, so teens can challenge themself with the harder question or choose to stay at the easier level
  • this could work with learning a second language. Challenge them to write a French word beginning with the letter they land on. Then get them to translate the word they get for spelling bee or thesaurus (I’m making this up, there are no French instructions or options in the game)
  • If you’re doing a unit on science, get them to just use scientific words, same could work for geography or any subject

The beauty of this game is it can be as challenging as you want it to be. I was trying for 5+ syllable words, and often ended up misspelling them. Challenge yourself or your kids to push to the boundaries of your/their vocabulary.


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