I went to see Tangled last night and I LOVED it, even my boyfriend (dragged there) laughed out loud a lot! Being the constant librarian even though I’m only part-time, my mind was sometimes on ways libraries can use the movie’s release.

I did a storytime with a Rapunzel wig last week and focused on books about hair. It was fun but none of the kids had seen the movie so I think maybe I should have waited, while my Harry Potter did well BEFORE the release of the movie older kids are more aware of upcoming films than preschoolers.

Here are some more thing you could use in storytime or in displays in the next little bit to turn the movie’s success into library magic

  • Fairy tales
  • Princess stories
  • chameleons (I think pets stores better prepare because Matt and I agreed the movie will inspired chameleon purchases. I want one!)
  • horses
  • magic
  • growing up/rebelling
  • outlaws (Flynn the thief)

I was sad they seemed to cut out a lot of her fighting moves seen in the previews but Rapunzel was a better female role model than  a lot of the princesses past. She was naive and needed protection but that’s only common sense given how sheltered she was growing up.I liked that she could handle her own against an intruder, was brave, had a conscience about disobeying her mother, and had dreams she didn’t give up on.

My favourite part of the movie was the animals. The chameleon and the horse had me laughing the entire time.

If you don’t want to see the movie yourself read some reviews and get familiar because knowing what’s going on in Disney and kid’s shows gets you an in with the kids. The kids today were shocked I had seen Free Willy (I was not much older than them when it came out so that was an easy one) they were skeptical if I only pretended to see it but when I knew a little bit they got excited.



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